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jessica biel’s diet secrets

January 23, 2007

biel971280×800.jpgThe 3-Hour Diet

To get into fighting shape for ‘Blade: Trinity,’ Jessica Biel followed a strict diet that banned sugar, dairy, flour and salt. To keep her metabolism revved up and to get her through an intense workout schedule, Jessica has said she would eat several small meals every few hours, similar to the 3-Hour Diet.

The skinny on low carb diets

December 19, 2006

The article discusses dietary studies on the relationship between carbohydrate versus fat-based diets and their effects on heart disease and weight. The studies have inspired much controversy. A Harvard School of Public Health study says that low-carbohydrate diets do not increase the risk of heart disease. But other scientists dispute the finding. Neither diet was particularly healthful, with the women on the low-fat diets eating too much sugar and other refined carbohydrates, while the women on the low-carbohydrate diet ate too much animal fat.